Beyond World Health Day: The Environment and Your Health

Beyond World Health Day: The Environment and Your Health

by: Melissa Rothman

Each year on April 7th, the World Health Organization (WHO) holds World Health Day (WHD). It aims to bring awareness to a health theme and expand action to help combat or improve it worldwide. This year, the WHO is focusing on building a fairer and healthier world. 

This year’s topic is focused on the struggle of many around the world who do not have regular access to basic life essentials such as stable shelter, clean water, and clean air. These factors lead to unnecessary suffering and illness that could be prevented. 

These situations are avoidable when education is paired with systemic changes. The WHO is calling upon leaders to ensure everyone has healthy living and working conditions in place to ensure good health. It also urges the leaders of the world to monitor inequalities in health and put in place methods and systems to ensure quality health services for all. 

With COVID-19 hitting the world last year, the impact of the virus on already vulnerable and struggling communities has been highlighted. This year we are tasked with bringing awareness to the inequity of healthcare and how the environment around us is a major factor on our health status. The air we breathe, the water we drink, the places we live and the education we receive all have an impact on our health. 

Be sure to visit your health care provider to discuss how your environment can impact your health and any changes you can make to improve your situation. If you know of someone in need, try to help them access healthcare. As always, consult with physicians before making any major medical changes. And visit for more on WHD.

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