Business Seasons

Business Seasons

Some businesses are seasonal. During the busy season, businesses are quite profitable, but when the season passes the sales and profits can go down.

Let me share this secret with you. All businesses are seasonal.

You can tell by variations in their income when there is a busy season and when there is a slow season. Just as in traditional business, conditions come during the calendar year which are conducive to that business: such as skiing in snow season, surfing in the season of high waves, the flu season in healthcare, or the tax season for accountants. 

Our focus today is on the “seasons” that come into businesses due to their team leadership. The leading team of a business determines the season because of their thoughtfulness for strategy, mindfulness in handling personnel, and resourcefulness in strategy implementation.

"Strategy is Everything". The prerequisite to get the strategy right is the thoughtfulness that is required in your team doing its homework. Successful strategies include  anticipating timelines   and listing possible problems that may require immediate or long-term solutions. Mindfulness of human resources defines the capacity and the limits of successful business ventures, and implementing the right strategies can also highlights the areas of high risks that can undermine any success.

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