Celebrating Women in Health and Wellness

Celebrating Women in Health and Wellness

The wellness industry is an industry like no other. It’s a 4 trillion dollar industry that women entrepreneurs dominate. The wellness industry goes beyond physical health and nutrition. Wellness is focused on feeling good from the inside out. With a focus on mental health and mindset, the wellness industry encompasses all aspects of healthy living, emphasizing how you feel rather than how you look. 

There is a familiar archetype in today’s society insisting that individuals be productive at all times. However, women in the wellness industry promote the idea of slowing down, listening to your body and mind, and focusing on what your body is telling you. It’s challenging to achieve your most productive or active self without a positive relationship between your body and mind. 

The wellness industry has given women a prominent place within the healthcare industry, an area that men typically dominate. The wellness industry focuses on women making informed decisions about their health and health goals. 

Arianna Huffington is the CEO and Founder of Thrive Global, a website and app dedicated to promoting productivity and healthy habits by incorporating micro-steps into your daily routine. Thrive Global uses data and storytelling and is used by prominent companies like Walmart and Verizon. Huffington founded Thrive Global because she wanted to push back against the burnout epidemic. Huffington wants to not only help people find better ways to work but better ways to live. 

Like Huffington, Robyn Conley Downs is a paleo blogger that focuses on shifting mindsets to promote more sustainable and healthy lifestyles. Her mission is health, healing, and happiness, and she encourages women to give themselves credit for everything. “If you order a pizza but eat a side of broccoli with it, that broccoli counts! Stop discrediting your efforts and notice a positive impact on your entire life.” 

Another woman that dedicates her efforts to help others see past their doubts is Kelly Roberts. Roberts is a runner and the founder of the #SportsBraSquad. Roberts went viral for her outspoken posts about body positivity. Roberts encourages women to embrace their strength and has helped redefine the image of what a healthy woman looks like. Roberts tells everyone to “choose to fight the inner dialogue that says you aren’t thin enough, you aren’t strong enough, or you aren’t fast enough, because you are always enough.”   

Joanne Encarnacion is yet another woman that helps others redefine their wellness and relationships with themselves. Encarnacion is a mother whose brand revolves around women focusing on their personal development. She says that “wellness consciously and intentionally choosing to give yourself the permission to live freely in your own body and in the relationships and experiences you surround yourself in.” 

The women in the wellness industry encompass what it means to love and respect your body, to practice a healthy lifestyle, and above all, care for your mental health and inner dialogue. We celebrate these women entrepreneurs that have carved their own path in the healthcare industry.

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