Finding A Workout Plan That Fits You

Finding A Workout Plan That Fits You

After you set your goal the next step would be to find a workout routine that fits you. Designing a routine should be based on your lifestyle and goals. If you are working or in school and can only workout 3 days a week your routine will reflect that.

When I first started, I was going to the gym by myself but when my father saw how serious I was about losing weight he came up with a plan for me which I still use today but have tweaked it a bit because my goals have changed.

When I first started I would work out after school Monday to Friday and give myself the weekend recovery. I would start my Mondays with Back and Biceps and for each exercise, I would do 3 sets and 10 reps. Tuesday I would do Chest and Triceps, Wednesday would be Legs followed by Thursday being Back and Biceps and ending the week with Chest. Each day I would 10-15mins of cardio and I would do 3 sets and 10 reps. My sets and routine may be different from yours because our goals could be completely different.

For the people that can only make it to the gym for three days, your routine may look something like having a day where you focus on Upper Body, a day for Lower Body, and a cardio/recovery day. That third day may be strictly easy cardio and recovering but this all depends on your goals.

If you are having trouble with finding exercises, I would suggest going to YouTube to watch Athlean-X. He is someone I watched at the start of my fitness journey and he and he breaks down each exercise, explaining which hit specific muscles. The second person I would suggest is JP Gallardo from TikTok (@JPCoaching), he has great exercises and variations to go along with them!

The last tip that I have when finding a workout plan that fits is to have fun! The journey is long and can get stressful when there are little results or if you are tired but make sure you have fun the more fun you have the better the journey is.

What To Add To Your Workout Plan

If you are looking to push your legs to the next level or finish your workout strong, here’s something to add:

On my leg days, I like to work on quads. I do 3 sets of legs curls on the leg curl machine and 30 free squats right after. So, I do 10 leg curls and right after I am done go straight into 30 free squats for 3 sets. This is an exercise that will push your limits, but you will be thankful later!

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