A Fresh Start

A Fresh Start

January 1 – the start of a new year, new resolutions! I am not writing to tell you how to keep the resolutions that you make year after year.

I want you to think of January 1 as the start of a new day, just as it is every day you get up! START FRESH – every day of the year – if you need to!

One small change a day can make a big difference!

We all have struggles, physical or emotional, even internal conflicts. Uniquely our own. Yes, people will say they understand what you may be going through or feeling, but do they? The point is we can change our lives, one small change to start. How can we do this? Start with what we can control – our health, environment, the people we associate with daily. Change the way we think! Get a self-help motivational book, talk with a friend who has a positive outlook on life, a therapist to give you the tools to be successful. You can change, but you must take the first step.

Take a hard look at who is in your life, are they good for you? Supportive? Are you around people who are always negative, nothing good to say? Take a step back, I am not advising you to cut important people out of your life, I am not advising you at all! Just evaluate the relationships. Do they need work? What can you do? We know you can only change yourself, not others! Start Fresh - start with yourself!

I introduced a series of weekly workshops for students; We explored the habits and talked about our learning styles. We set goals, both short and long-term. Group discussions provided different perspectives on how we handle different situations.

To grow, we need to have a sense of awareness of ourselves. Ask what to do to create a life you want to live? Recently a student said to me – Live the life you love.


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