Funeral Directors: The Strength of Caregiving

Funeral Directors: The Strength of Caregiving

My name is Anne Roberts Dobmeier, and our business has been involved with serving the community for over 100 years. Growing up, I observed my mom and her mom take care of families who have lost a loved one, which helped me find my calling and inspiration to be a caregiver.

Before attending Mortuary Science School, I earned a bachelor’s degree from Bryant University where I played NCAA Division I softball.  Upon moving back to Buffalo, I worked at a few different companies, shortly realizing I wanted to go into the family business. I applied and was accepted to American Academy McAllister Institute. 

Shortly before I graduated, my mom, Margaret Mary “Peggy” Roberts Dobmeier, became ill and passed on May 10, 2012. I was 25 at the time and devastated. I always knew my mom was special, but it wasn’t until after she left this world that I learned of her impact. Over the past ten years, many families have mentioned her kindness and how she made a difficult time a little easier. 

The life of a funeral director can be challenging. Every day is a little different than the next. Somedays we hold visitations; somedays we head to a church or a mosque. Every day, I am able to help someone going through one of the hardest times in their life. Death takes no weekend or holidays; we are available to serve 24/7. 

I meet with new families that we have never served, and I meet with families that have known my family for generations. I get to hear stories about my mom, grandmother, grandfather and uncle helping people through their tough times. I hear about parties that my grandparents held.  I hear about my mom and her siblings delivering the newspaper and the connections and friendships they created with the neighbors. 

After almost ten years of being a funeral director, I have realized funeral directors are true caregivers. Every day I am able to help people and that is an honor. I am able to give someone peace of mind because their loved one has now become family

and will be treated as such.

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