Health Tip: Magnesium Deficiency & Benefits

Health Tip: Magnesium Deficiency & Benefits

Did you know that three quarters of Americans are believed to suffer from a magnesium deficiency? This mineral helps regulate blood sugar, as well as boosts energy levels. The recommended daily allowance of magnesium is 310-420 mg, depending on age and gender.

It is believed that efficient magnesium levels may boost exercise performance, combat depression, promote heart health, and support better sleep. This mineral plays a critical role in brain function, meaning that lower levels can be linked to increased risk of depression. Reviews also link high magnesium intake to a lower risk of stroke and high blood pressure. Finally, magnesium regulates the neurotransmitters involved in sleep. Quality rest, and enough of it, is the first step in boosting energy levels for the next day. Maintaining those magnesium levels thereafter is just as crucial.

Bananas are a great fatigue-fighting snack, containing 32 milligrams of magnesium to boost energy levels. One cup of black beans contains 120 milligrams of magnesium. Additionally, 2 slices of whole wheat bread contain 46 milligrams of magnesium. A great mid-day snack to boost energy levels can be a peanut butter and banana sandwich! Seeking a low carb snack? Cashews and almonds are a great addition, too!

If you believe your body can benefit from magnesium, speak with a medical specialist. Your health care provider can assist with determining the right additions to your daily intake, in order to live a happy and healthy lifestyle. You should not take additional supplements before first consulting with your doctor.

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