Hope Means Never Giving Up

Hope Means Never Giving Up

Every New Year we make resolutions to change our lives and we fall short of those goals and resolutions. The main point is that we are here to make the resolutions. We have hope that things will change. In the end, that’s what matters the most.  

The pandemic that lingers on, the restrictions that continue, and the uncertainty that never ends. We, during this time, continue to manage from dawn to dusk and try to achieve our dreams by hoping that things will change and our efforts no matter how little, will matter in the end. Believe it or not, this is what life has always been about; continuing to live, continuing to do everyday chores, and continuing to hope. The question arises, what about our big dreams and plans? When will we be able to pay attention to them so we can build our futures to our liking?  

Another challenge that we face is that as much as we are living in poverty of time, we have continued to be victims of the time bandits. They keep stealing our time from us. They keep snatching those precious moments that we need to do little detailed tasks and take baby steps to work on our great plans and realize our dreams. These time stealers are endless streams of videos on our favorite channels, tiring ourselves out on strolling social media apps and constantly worrying about what strangers are thinking about us. 

The most simple thing to do is to make a list of three essential tasks that are required for you to get ready to work on your great plan or New Year’s resolutions. For every task completed reward yourself. It can be a cup of your favorite coffee or a little piece of chocolate. The only thing you can not reward with is using any of the time stealer’s tricks.  The satisfaction you will feel by completing those three tasks is addicting. It gives you a temporary high. Then you move on to the next three tasks. Even if you are unable to complete all three, don’t worry, keep trying and never give up. 


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