How To Use Meditation to Connect with Your Subconscious Mind

How To Use Meditation to Connect with Your Subconscious Mind

If you have been feeling misaligned lately, chances are your conscious and subconscious mind are not in sync. Understanding and nurturing our subconscious mind can help us greatly improve our daily life.  One of the ways we activate our subconscious is through the power of meditation. 


Before we learn how to activate it, we first need to understand what subconscious mind is and how it actually works. Your subconscious is like a data bank, its main function is to store and retrieve data. That includes your beliefs, your previous experiences, your memories, your skills. Everything that you have ever seen, done or thought is stored there. The subconscious also handles everything your body needs in order to function properly: eating, breathing, digesting and anything else you can think of that you currently do “automatically” without thinking. We actually spend about 95% of our time doing things subconsciously. 


What do you think of when you hear about the concept of meditation? So often, people feel that they cannot meditate because they are unable to quiet or shut off their mind. In reality, that is not actually what meditation is. The purpose of meditation is to lower your brain waves, so that you can redirect your attention from external to internal. When you are able to focus inward, you can communicate with your subconscious mind. In order to do that, our brain waves need to be lowered to theta range. 

In theta range, your analytical mind turns off and you have the capability to have an open communication between your conscious and subconscious minds. 


The first step would be to concentrate your thoughts on something immutable and keep them there. This process forces your mind into feeling or sensing mode. Feeling is the language of the body, and the idea is to feel more and think less. 

One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is by scanning your body, from your toes to your head. Pausing at each body part and focusing on all the sensations you are feeling. Then imagine your entire body filling up with air or light and imagine yourself lifting out of your physical body and observing it from the outside. 

During this process observe and accept any and all thoughts that surface up, don’t try to push them away, as that will hinder the entire process. Simply observe and imagine the thoughts as clouds floating by. 


Once you fully enter theta range meditation and are able to separate your body from your mind, you can start to communicate with and re-program your subconscious mind. This is the time to learn about your limitations and blocks, ask your subconscious what are the things holding you back from accomplishing your desires. When the blocks are identified, ask your subconscious what steps you can take to change or stop certain ways of thinking and behaving. 

After you come out of deep meditation, grab your pen and journal and start writing immediately. Your brain waves will still be in meditative range and the journaling will come from your subconscious, not your analytical mind. Start writing and don’t stop until you are finished. Don’t pay attention to the grammar, punctuation, don’t judge or analyze the content. In fact, it is better if you don’t pay attention to the content of your writing until you are finished, so you don’t interfere with the flow of your subconscious mind. 

You may even notice that your handwriting changes while you’re writing or that your hand keeps moving and writing without your conscious effort – those are all great signs that

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