Learning to Love yourself

Learning to Love yourself

By: Oliver Hibbard

Loving yourself is one of the most important things to keep in mind when trying to live a successful and fun filled life. It may be difficult sometimes to take a step back and realize all the good you bring to the world, or even give yourself praise at all. Gaining confidence in your daily life will require practicing near constant mindfulness about recognizing the positive aspects of your life and how to mend the negative aspects. Although finding the confidence to accept the person you are and see what aspects of your life need growth may be intimidating initially, you will find that at the end of this process you will see a new found sparkle in your eyes and a pep in your step. 

When learning to love ourselves we must realize what we do right and what we could improve on in our lives. Reflecting on our skills and downfalls can better help us understand our decision process and subconscious behaviors. 

This reflection process can be done by asking yourself; what is my greatest achievement? What is my biggest failure and what did I learn from it? What are some things I am good at? What is one aspect of my life that I could change for the better?

Another good way to gain an outside perspective of your personality is to do some of your favorite activities for one night then try something new the next as an effort to expand your interests and hobbies. You could also call up an old friend and reminisce about the good times, this will help you remember what mindset and decision making processes you used inthe past and how that has evolved. 

Self-love is something that a doctor cannot give you in a pill form. It is something you must work towards and gradually find what aspects of life make you happy and feel confident. You must be willing to grow and accept self-criticism, otherwise this process will be fruitless, and the best version of yourself will not become a reality. However, striving to be the best version of yourself everyday is beyond wishful thinking, and putting too much pressure on yourself. 

The key to self-love and confidence building is simple; you must be willing to accept the person you are and recognize all the light you bring to the world and focus on how to shine brighter. 

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