Little Pet Pantry

Little Pet Pantry

By: Zoe-Grace Kerr and Rachael Rothman-Kerr

The Kenmore Little Pet Pantry is a Take Action Project made by the Juniors in Girl Scout troop 30657. The pantry was created to provide free pet food and pet care supplies to families struggling to take care of their pets after the pandemic struck. The LPP has been active for almost a year, and with the support of our community, neighbors, and even donors from out of town, we have been able to keep the pantry full and provide food and supplies for furry friends since last summer. 

Since we rely on donations from the community, we are aiming to keep this sustainable long term, and we would greatly appreciate donations from you. Even if all you can spare is one can of dog food, every donation counts, and it would mean a lot to families in need. 

I am writing this as a junior myself and am looking to reach out to as many places as possible to help make sure the pantry is sustainable long term. You can reach out to us on Facebook at Kenmore Little Pet Pantry and we are located at 166 E. Hazeltine Ave if you would like to drop off or take supplies.

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