National Pizza Month: Buffalo Favorites

National Pizza Month: Buffalo Favorites

As someone who loves pizza as much as the person reading this hopefully does, I can tell you that coming to Buffalo has opened my eyes to more styles of pizza. My family and I have pizza every Friday, it’s a time where we all get together and enjoy a nice slice. Every week someone picks a new place to try. Its always exciting to try new styles of pizza, and I don’t mean with different toppings on them. I mean whether its thick or thin, sweet sauce or traditional, the type of cheese do they use, or how long they even cook their pizza for. We’ve lived in Buffalo for about a year now, so we’ve tried some pretty good throughout our journey.

Here’s my list of the top 5 pizzas I’ve enjoyed so far!

Coming in at number 1 for me is…

Hearth and Press (Downtown Buffalo)

The Margherita Pizza here compares to the pizza I’ve had in Italy. By far the best Pizza here, the sauce and the fresh mozzarella is totally unmatched in my opinion. Brick oven pizza has always had a soft spot in my heart, but every bite of this took me right back to Naples.

Number 2 on my list is…

Gino’s NY Pizza (University Plaza)

Gino’s surprised me and my family, it has thin soft crust but a great crisp to every bite. It has the perfect amount of grease, and it’s the best pizza to fold. Its my go-to when I want to grab a quick slice on lunch. I know that every time I have it, it’s going to be as consistent as the last time.

Number 3 on the list is…

Macy’s Place Pizzeria (Cheektowaga)

Macy’s Is my favorite Buffalo style pizza! In my opinon, there’s no such thing as too much cheese, and Macy’s is not afraid to just lay it on! The crust has a sweet taste to it, as well as not using as much sauce, which is a nice switch from traditional pizza. This hot spot is undeniably worth the extra drive and the money!

Number 4 is none other than...

Bocce Club Pizza (Various Locations)

This to me is the definition of Buffalo Pizza. It’s a New York slice but with more cheese and sauce. It’s a personal favorite for game day. Every slice has a mountain of cheese overflowing down the sides of each slice. It creates a gooey, but crunchy texture and its simply a beautiful slice of pizza.

Last but never least when it comes to pizza, is…

La Nova Pizza (Various Locations)

It might be 5th on this list, but it’s certainly not last. La Nova is like Bocce Club, but with a thinner and crispier crust. One thing that stands out about this place is the ability to customize your crust. My perfect pizza here is a regular cheese pie with garlic crust! It’s something magical that just happens while you’re biting into this. It’s also the only pizza where I need to bite into the crust first because getting that garlic flavor in before every other bite is just perfect!

By: John Kolarik

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