Ramadan Kareem: A Blessed Time for Islam

Ramadan Kareem: A Blessed Time for Islam

Universally speaking, the Islamic month of Ramadan is considered as one of the most important holidays in Islam for Muslims, this holy month mainly about connecting with Almighty God,  Allah (SWT).  It falls on the ninth month of the Islamic Lunar Calendar and lasts through the entire month. It’s a holiday of great religious and cultural significance throughout the Muslim world.

It’s an opportunity for Muslims to practice fasting, between sunrise and sunset, which is one of the Five Pillars of Islam. Ramadan celebrates the prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) first revelation. Observing Ramadan requires that Muslims be mindful of their faith and participate in special rituals of fasting, praying, and donating.

Fasting not only cleanses Muslims’ soul, but also teaches piety, patience, and generosity by focusing on sacrifice, discipline, and charity all during the month. At sunset, when the fast is broken, families and communities come together to feast, pray, and offer collective prayers and perform acts of charity and service to our under-privileged brethren without regard for their religion or ethnicity. Charitable giving is a fundamental part of Islam in the form of zakat. Zakat is another one of the Five Pillars and implies that all Muslims with means, donate some of their income or wealth to the poor. Charitable giving increases during Ramadan as the minds of the devout Muslims are dedicated to religious service.

Dates are commonly eaten during these feasts, as they are of great religious significance along with other varieties of cuisines.  Special religious gatherings are arranged including special night-prayers at the mosques. May this Ramadan be blessed with happiness and peace.

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