Super Bowl 55 Preview

Super Bowl 55 Preview

Well Buffalo, the time is upon us. It’s not the Super bowl we hoped for, but it will still be a great game! The Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for Super Bowl 55. Father time still hasn’t caught up to Tom Brady as he appears in his 10th Super Bowl. The Young electrifying Patrick Mahomes is looking dethrone the future Hall of Famer.

This Super Bowl is a very special one for many reasons, and that’s because 10 records COULD be broken this year.

1. Bruce Arians of the Bucs would become the oldest coach to win a Super Bowl at age 68.

2. Tom Brady if they win, will become the first quarterback (QB) to win a Super Bowl in three different Decades.

3. If the Chiefs win, Andy Reid would join 13 others as being a Head Coach with multiple Super Bowl rings

4. Patrick Mahomes could join the list of multiple MVP winners, if he’s named MVP. That list consists of Bart Starr, Terry Bradshaw, Joe Montana, Eli Manning, and Tom Brady.

5. Patrick Mahomes can also be the youngest QB to with two rings at 25 years old. The guy to beat, Tom Brady at 26.

6. This is a fun one, not really a record, but the All-Time Conference Series lead is up for grabs here. Both the AFC and NFC have won 27 Super Bowls.

7. The Chiefs can be the first team since 2003/2004 to win back-to-back Super Bowls.

8. Brady could join another elite list of QBs to ever lead their team through the wild card to win a title.

9. Brady can also join Peyton Manning as the only staring QB to win Super Bowls with two teams.

10. Lastly the big one. For the first time ever, a team is playing at home for the Super Bowl. The Bucs have a chance to make even more history if they end up winning it all.

So, with that said, and all those records on the line, this has the potential to be one of the most memorable Super Bowls in recent history. The road wasn’t exactly easy for the Bucs. They played every game away and had to fight off the likes of a young and talented Defensive end in Chase Young and the Washington football team, then had to beat 2 future Hall of famer QBs. First the legendary Drew Brees, and then the probable MVP of the season Aaron Rodgers. The road wasn’t easy, but here they are the first team to ever play a Super Bowl in their home stadium.

Then we have the defending champions, the Chiefs, who pulled out a win on a controversial call over the Browns. Then had to stop the amazing duo of Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs. Their road wasn’t as long as the Bucs was, but it wasn’t a cake walk either.

I know the great City of Buffalo isn’t too fond of Tom Brady and his career with the Patriots, but putting that aside, the guy has been amazing for football. Sure, he wins a lot, but can you really blame someone for being good? Or just blame the other teams for not getting better? Regardless of what you think of Brady, Mahomes steps in to try and take that crown from him. The Bucs and the Chiefs might be some of the most offensively talent teams we’ve seen in a long time. Tampa Bay comes in at number 2 averaging 30.7 points per game, and the Chiefs come in at a tie for number 4, 29.6 points per game.
A game that will surely have a total score of around 70 points. Brady and Mahomes both have some amazing weapons around them. For Brady he has Mike Evans, Godwin, a young Scotty Miller who keeps proving his place on the team, a veteran and the go to for Brady for the last decade plus, Gronk. Along with 2 very talented Running backs Ronald Jones and Fournette. Mahomes and his speedy offensive weapons in Tyreek Hill aka Cheetah, The leading tight end of the league in Kelce, a rookie and talented running back in CEH. Both teams have good defenses as well, with the Bucs specializing and shutting down the running game, and the Chiefs having Tyrann “The Landlord” Mathieu leading their way in the backfield.

For history, it would be great to see a team win in their home stadium, but I have the Chiefs pulling this one out and Mahomes handing Brady a second loss this season. Chiefs 38, Bucs 34.

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